We want to help the users

FILPAL is introducing a new equation f(p)=(EA)2 by unlocking a new dimension of learning in RF & Microwave Circuit Design with the aid of FILPAL EDS (Your Design PAL)

(E)2=Everyone Engineers

(A)2=Anytime Anywhere

Today the mass users including engineers, researchers, and students have no access to the basic RF & Microwave simulation tools. This scenario is worsen in developing countries which accounts for almost 92% of the world population where the opportunity of proper learning platform is suppressed. At FILPAL, we want to change this! We take on the challenges by introducing an affordable and simple design platform for RF & Microwave circuits and committed to widening the access so that more people can benefit globally. We prove to the world that language, accessibility, complexity and costing are no longer a barrier to the global users. 


FILPAL also provides a range of RF and Microwave Filters. The filters are offered in a variety of performance characteristics including Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Bandstop. Special filters for frequency band splitting and multi-channel are also available.

We specialize in RF and Microwave related technical training, offering custom courses to cater for the critical needs of the industries & institutions

Our Key Achievements

Developing and delivering affordable simulation tool in South-East-Asia.

Introducing mobile, quasi-touchscreen and easy platform for RF & Microwave circuit design with finger-tips.